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Everybody pays some “closing costs” in a real estate transaction. Even cash Buyers, with no lender’s fees, still need homeowners insurance paid by closing time and they must pay to record their new deed. And even when Sellers pay closing costs for a Buyer, it may look as if the Buyer paid none, but the Seller’s willingness to do that is always a factor in the purchase price of the home.
Stacey Burdick at Kirk & Cobb makes sure all the dollars and cents at closing are just as they should be. That’s Stacey at her desk in the photo on the right. Please feel free to call her with questions!
In Topeka, Sellers usually pay the Realtors’ fees, title insurance, and a termite inspection.  They must also pay off their own mortgage loan balance, plus interest pro-rated to bring their house payment current to the date of closing.  Property taxes are also pro-rated to the day of closing.  Stacey gathers, figures, and checks all of those fees.
Buyers’ closing costs depend on the lender used, if any, and the type of loan.  Loan company fees vary greatly, sometimes simply at whim.  (Really!)  I have expertise in selecting financing.  I can help you be sure that these costs are kept to a minimum.

Are you already pre-approved with a lender you like just fine?  If you will provide me with a copy of your Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs, I will be happy to tell you how it compares with others in our Topeka market.

Buyers and refinancing homeowners applying for a new mortgage will receive a “Good Faith Estimate” of closing costs at the time the loan application is submitted to the lender. The estimate is based on the loan officer’s past experience and may not include realistic estimates for costs such as insurance rates, taxes, inspection fees, etc.  I will be glad to review the “Good Faith Estimate,” answering questions and highlighting missing costs and estimates I believe to be low or inappropriately high.

It’s also important to check each lender’s “Truth in Lending” form to be sure there are no pre-payment penalties.  Pre-payment penalties are illegal for Kansas banks, but other lenders are free to charge whatever they want.  We have seen some terrible surprises for sellers.

Be very careful shopping financing. Please let me help.

Standard Mortgage Loan
Closing Costs and Pre-Paid Items
Loan Closing Costs
  • Loan Origination Fee
  • Points (optional)
  • Appraisal Fee
  • Credit Report
  • Interest Payment
  • Escrow Account
  • Closing Fee
  • Flood Certification Fee
  • Inspection Fees (optional)
  • Property Taxes
  • Mortgage Registration Tax and Recording Fees
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Flood or Quake Insurance
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Title Insurance