Sellers count on my expertise in advising them about pricing and marketing strategies.

I help them show their homes to their best advantage. I have a vast network of friends, contacts and resources who help me ensure that each seller hears from as many potential buyers as possible, not just the ones easiest to find.

I have a great crew trained to stage a house to show to is optimal best advantage. I have a system in place to take over the process of disposing of unwanted personal belongings and “spiffing” a house to show for the seller who just wants to hand over the keys and get on with their life.  

I am a coach and a tutor in all those nitty gritty details and steps along the way, helping my customers understand contract terms and commitments, realistic timelines, and reliable projections of closing costs and net proceeds from a sale.

I am the veteran of hundreds and hundreds (thousands) of home sales. I have learned a lot. No telling what I can do that might help you! I think, I hope, that I can make your life easier as you make your move.

Please tell me what helps YOU best!